3rd Virtual ALSA Congress, 2022 27 June - 8 July 2022


The Theme of the 2022 Academy of Leisure Sciences Africa Congress is, Rethinking the Future : An integrated design approach for a “lets all play in parks and public spaces.”


The 3rd Annual ALSA Congress, will bring together researchers and practitioners across disciplines, borders and continents, with a shared interest in addressing social justice, sustainability and access. The aim of the Congress is to share research, best practice and create a meaningful dialogue across the globe with solutions in mitigating the risks of future pandemics and natural disasters as it affects society, the economy and the environment.


The Covid-19 pandemic and social up risings since 2020, has provided us with an opportunity to pause, reflect and repurpose what the broad setting of leisure, tourism, and the built environment will look like in the future.

The 3rd ALSA Congress provides a platform for a leading multidisciplinary experience, where researchers, practitioners, students and academics, network and share the latest trends, challenges and creative solutions in the fields of leisure, parks, built environment and tourism.