The Academy of Leisure Sciences Africa (ALSA) is hosting its first virtual International Congress from 1 to 13 August 2021

The Theme of the 2021 Academy of Leisure Sciences Africa Congress is a response to the Joint Charge Statement facilitated by The Academy of Leisure Sciences (TALS), the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which gripped the world and the harsh realities of racism which continue to plague us in the 21st century.

The organisers of this Congress are seeking ways to explore the role of Parks and Leisure services for an equitable and just society.

Henceforth, the theme of the overall Congress is – Leisure’s Promise, Social Purpose and Justice”

The primary aim is to explore the main theme “Leisure’s Promise, Social Purpose and Justice” by creating an online platform for professionals from diverse disciplinary fields to interact, share and present a context for leisure services and opportunities and its major contribution in fulfilling the promise of Parks and Recreation, its social purpose for justice and wellbeing in all communities.

2020 was a turning point in our sector, when it became evident during the pandemic, that access to open green spaces and leisure services are critical in maintaining people’s health and wellbeing.


The Congress will run live in three separate zones across the different world time lines :

Zone 1 GMT +6 to +10.
Live session to start GMT +8

Zone 2 GMT +5.
Live session to start GMT +1

Zone 3 GMT -5 to -9.
Live session to start GMT -6

Each zone will commence at a convenient time with a 4 hour duration. All presentations will be live and include Q&A. To create a social networking environment, break away rooms will allow smaller groups to meet and interact with the presenter. These rooms will be facilitated by a room host and a presenter from the session. All sessions will be recorded and on demand for 2 months after the closing of the Congress.

The highlight of the Congress will be the exciting closing social party being planned. More information will be communicated closer to the date.

The theme and sub themes are set against the devastating and brutal effects of the pandemic and the injustices within underserved communities and the environment. This Congress will attract researchers who will share multi-disciplinary and integrated research to identify critical issues for future solutions in fulfilling the promise of parks and recreation, social justice, sustainable environment and happiness.

The sub themes include, but is not restricted to :

The 2021 Congress will revisit what we have known since the 1980’s, that leisure can positively impact happiness, health, and environmental stewardship, especially during a pandemic.

The Congress will serve as an opportunity to focus on leisure within public green spaces as part of our social, health and economic recovery.